Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Juice Pouch Purses...

These cuties have been on my "To Do List" for quite a while now. Last weekend I decided to pull out my sewing machine and make some. I don't know why I waited for so long! They were easier than I anticipated...even though I did mess up the first one...oops!

I made several of these small ones. Each of my girls got one, and we gave one to a friend for her birthday.

My oldest daughter decided she wanted a big one with long handles. We experimented a little and came up with this one. After it was made, we decided it needed to be a bit wider. We'll know that for next time!

Then my 2nd born decided she wanted a bigger one too. We went with one that was 3 pouches wide by 2 pouches tall. We were going to make this one 2 pouches wide, but it seemed a little too wide. So we compensated by sewing them together in the middle. It turned out the perfect size!

Here's all of the sizes together. It was fun to experiment and try and come up with our own designs for the bigger ones. And we learned a lot too! We're running a little low on our juice pouches now, but will make more of these cuties when we've saved up some more!

**The instructions I used can be found here.

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Angela said...

I have been wanting to try one of these forever too. I have had a pile of empty juice pouches forever and just the other day threw them all away. =( Now I'm wishing I had't..LOL..yours turned out so cute!!