Thursday, March 24, 2011

Super Simple & CUTE Cards!

I'm always on the lookout for FAST, CUTE card ideas.  As I was browsing around blogland, I came across THIS IDEA from Nichole Heady, where she used stamped address labels on her cards.  Super simple, and SUPER cute!!  I don't own many stamps, so I took that idea and designed some labels on my computer. 

Here's a few of the cards I've made using this awesome idea.  These first 3 have the same label, but I used different paper on each one.

The next two are birthday cards with some fun owls...

And finally, I made a few 'Congratulations' cards...

What I love about this concept is that I can use the same label, but change up the paper on my cards to make them all a little different.  The possibilities are really endless!!


Emily said...

LOVE this idea!!! I actually have quite a few stamps, but there are always holidays or things that I don't have stamps for. I will be using this! Thanks for sharing.

Crafty Girls said...

Yes, you are right! Those are super CUTE cards! Love them!


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