Thursday, April 14, 2011

Chick Cookies

These cookies were truly a labor of love.  They were made to sell at a bake sale that my girls' clogging group was doing (they get to perform at Disneyland this summer, and will be doing several bake sales to help them earn money to go).  Here's one of the cookies all packaged up and ready to go.

I made a total of 72 chick cookies.  What was I thinking?!  It was a lot of work, but they turned out adorable, and were one of the best sellers at their bake sale.

I learned a few things from this experience. 

#1:  Don't put the cookies in bags too soon!!  I waited only a few hours before I did, and they ended up sticking to the plastic some.  It's best to let them sit over night, or for several hours! 

#2:  Don't store cookies in the sun for long periods of time!  The little black eyes started running on most of the chicks, making them look like they were crying.  I don't know if this was because of the heat, or because I used glaze icing instead of royal icing.

#3:  It's always best to make MORE cookies than you plan on selling.  Some didn't turn out as 'pretty' as others, so we didn't use those ones for the bake sale.

There are more bake sales in our future, so if any of you have any experience with glaze vs. royal icing, please email me or leave a comment.  I'm wondering if the eyes ran because of the heat, or because of the icing I used.  Any help you could offer would be greatly appreciated!!   

**For those that are looking for a great cookie recipe, I use THIS ONE from Bake at 350.  And my favorite icing recipe is THIS ONE from I Am Mommy.**

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angie @ the cellar door stories said...

these are SUPER CUTE!!! great job!

Rachel said...

Those are gorgeous cookies! They look waaaaay too cute for me to make though . . . making food look adorable is SO not my talent :-) But I'm jealous that you can do it!

Rachel @ Maybe Matilda

- - Sheryl - - said...

What about rice crispie squares tied with red licorice so they look like presents?

Valery (CEO Wanna Be) said...

Hi I am a new follower
Those are just so adorable.!!
Stop by any time

Crafty Girls said...

Those cookies are stinking cute! I would buy them! :) Good luck with your bake sale!

Julie said...

You did a wonderful job... I stayed up for 3 hours making the first part of my "carrot" cookies for Laci's class tomorrow. My hands are hurting so bad right now. At least tonight should be pretty easy with just detail to go. I am putting this on my linky party today as one of the features. You did great and I am sure everyone loved them!