Sunday, November 25, 2012

{Jewelry Made by my Girls}

**This year's '12 Days of Christmas' features the items that my daughters and I made for our very first craft fair**

Day 12: {Jewelry Made by my Daughters}

The whole reason why we had a booth at the craft fair was so my daughters could sell the jewelry that they make.  They are pretty crafty, and I adore their creations!

I've got 4 daughters, ages 13, 11, 10, and 7.  The older 3 made jewelry, and my youngest helped me out with all of the other crafts.  Here's the pictures of their jewelry.

Duct Tape Feather Earrings and Candy Wrapper Bracelets

Duct Tape Flower Rings & Pop Tab Bracelets...

Scrabble Tile Earrings

Here's a list of the items, who made them, and what we charged...

Duct Tape Feather Earrings- $3.00/pair (made by my 13-year-old)
Duct Tape Flower Rings- $5.00 (made by my 13-year-old)
Pop Tab Bracelets- $3.00 (made by my 13-year-old)
Scrabble Tile Earrings- $5.00/pair (made by my 11-year-old)
Candy Wrapper Bracelets- $3.00 (made by my 10-year-old)

Their jewelry didn't sell as well as they had hoped.  We sold only 3 of the Candy Wrapper Bracelets and 1 pair of the Scrabble Tile Earrings.  My girls were heartbroken!!  The Duct Tape stuff sold better, but not by much.

I talked with my girls a lot before the craft fair about not getting their expectations up too high.  It's hard to know what people will be interested in, but there's always the hope that they will buy your stuff.  My warnings didn't help their feelings OR mine!  I felt so bad that they worked so hard on their jewelry and didn't see the results that they had hoped for.

Although they didn't do as well as they would have liked, we DID have a great time.  There's nothing better than spending time with my kids, doing something that we all enjoy.

**I don't have tutorials to show how to make the jewelry.  We just googled them and found some videos and written tutorials online.

That brings us to the end of this year's '12 Days of Christmas'!  I hope you enjoyed the items featured, and found some inspiration for gifts to make for your friends and loved ones!!



Amanda said...

Everything looks wonderful, such a shame your girls didn't sell as much as they hoped, but how fab to have actually gone through with the making and selling of their crafts! Anything not sold would make great gifts for their friends over the Holiday season!

Sisterino said...

You can never tell what people will buy! Those earrings are lovely and I love the rings/bracelets too! I would have bought one of each!