Tuesday, November 26, 2013

2013 Young Women in Excellence {Stand in Holy Places}

I've been busy the last couple of weeks planning and preparing
 for our Young Women in Excellence 
(this is a program in my church for young women ages 12-18 to celebrate 
what they've accomplished in the Personal Progress program throughout the year).  

Our theme was "Stand in Holy Places". 

 Here's a rundown of few of the things we did.

I bought THIS IMAGE of a high heel shoe made from the 8 Young Women Values.  
We used it for our invitations, in our programs, and made cupcake toppers with it.  
Shoe Clipart, Young Women Values Digital Design PNG Format Immediate Download
Here's our invitations (I loved THIS INVITATION so much that I patterned ours after it!).

I didn't get any pictures of our cupcakes with the toppers (darn!), 
but here's a few other pictures from that night.

'Stand Ye in Holy Places' printable can be found HERE.

 Value printables can be found HERE.

Our gift to the girls was these cute paper high heels filled with Hershey's Kisses.  
They were a hit!! (and a LOT of work!)  
We also gave them each a temple recommend holder 
that says "Stand Ye in Holy Places"

A close up of the cute shoes...

The printable pattern for these shoes can be found HERE.

We've got a wonderful group of girls in our ward!  
It was fun to be able to have a night to celebrate them 
and all the wonderful things they are doing!


Kim said...

Love those shoes and decorations! My girls' leaders did a cow theme " Be Not Moooved".

Blogger said...

This all turned out so cute!! Those shoes are a-maz-ing! Thanks for using my shoe image (and for linking to it). Well done!
CARDvark Designs

Mandy Coffey said...

oh this is just perfect! way to tie everything together and make it relative to yw!!!

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