Wednesday, November 19, 2014

'Sweet is the Work of Personal Progress' YWIE 2014

This past Sunday was my ward's Young Women in Excellence.
(this is a program in my church for young women ages 12-18 to celebrate 
what they've accomplished in the Personal Progress program throughout the year).  

Our theme was
"Sweet is the Work of Personal Progress"
(based off THIS IDEA).

I wanted to incorporate the Young Women Value colors as much as possible,
but couldn't find any digital papers that had all 8 together.
So I used one that had most of them to make my own invitations and printables.

Here's our invitation
(with our ward name crossed out for privacy)

And I made this printable to put in a frame for display.
(Print your own without the watermark HERE).

Here it is framed that night.

We purchased this YW Value Kiss Stickers printable for our take-away treat for the girls,
and printed off the poster in wallet size for the tags.

The girls wrote their names on these to put by their table displays.
(Print one without watermark HERE).

And this one was made to use for our programs.

(Print without watermark HERE).

One of our Beehives made cupcakes for our refreshments...

...and we also had candy in the YW value colors.

Everything turned out wonderful, 
and the girls really wowed us with their presentations!

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Christal said...

would you by chance have an editable file of the invitations I could borrow:) have print whatever ha ha:) we are doing this theme thanks to you and would love to do the invite to match:)