Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sew Cute Tuesday {2.23.10}

I don't know about you, but I'm getting some inspiration from the fun projects that have been linked up so far! I know there are more of you out there who sew....feel free to link up any projects you've done!! And help spread the word by putting the button on your blogs...pretty please!!

Now that I'm done begging, let's get back to business! We had fewer links this past week, but that didn't make it any easier to pick which ones I wanted to highlight.

I loved these Heart Bean Bags from Crafting My Heart Out.

What an adorable fabric lunch bag from All For This Penny.

Naptime Journal shares this cute Apron for your little girl!

And Brandy from Some of This and Some of That made this cute skirt for her little girl.

Feel free to grab my "Featured" button on my sidebar, ladies!!


Rules for linking:
**Link sewing projects only!! (can be sewn by machine or by hand!)
**Link to your blog post, not your home page!


Bird said...

Hi Misty,

I did post a no-sew tutorial, but it does involves fabrics, pins and cute flowers! Hope it's ok with you? :)


Misty @Creative Itch said...


That's just fine!! Thanks for linking!

Julie said...

You are making me want to pull out my sewing machine and work on something! I love the link to the rag quilt! Super easy and VERY cute! I am just getting an itch that can only be cured by fabric and thread. Hopefully I can post something next week.

Sadie said...

Thanks for featuring me. I love all these great ideas!
I can't get the code for the I was featured button to work. Can you take a look at it for me? Thanks!

Misty @Creative Itch said...


I'm so sorry about the button! It should be fixed now....thanks for letting me know about it!

Deanna said...

Sewing machine?? What's that....oh that white thing buried under junk in my sewing room?? lol Sigh...I long to get back to sewing...when I do I'll be sure to post my links!! :)

Crafty Girls Workshop said...

OK, I'm late on this, but i just found you! I added my sewing project anyway. I love your blog and i'm a follower now!