Thursday, September 2, 2010

Hair Pretties Galore!

I've mentioned before that my oldest daughter is trying to earn money to buy a laptop.  My 9-year-old decided it sounded like a good idea, so now she's looking for ways to earn money too.

This is what we've been making for the last couple of help them both make some moolah.

Aren't they so much fun?  My nieces and my cousin's little girls needed some 'hair pretties', so we learned how to make these pinwheel bows to sell to them.

I'm sad that we ran out of ribbon, cause I'm thinking we need some for us to keep too!!

I taught both my girls how to make basic bows too.  Don't they look great?!

Not sure why this picture is sideways, but here's some more basic bows.

We turned some of the rolled fabric flowers we made a few weeks ago into hair clips as well.  Love them!!

And we even threw in a few headbands too!

We had so much fun making these!  The girls have decided they want to have a booth at our local craft fair in November too.... so I guess we'll be working hard for the next couple of months making more hair pretties, bottle cap earrings, and whatever else we can think of to sell.  I've never had a booth in a craft fair before, so I'm not sure what to expect.  Do any of you have any advice?  Any help you could offer would be greatly appreciated!!

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Jocelyn Christensen said...

Those are adorable!!!

Jason and Tiff said...

I want lessons on making the different hair bows Misty! They are so cute! I really need to get your number from you and come hang out for a day when we come to Delta again. You can tell me what to bring and teach me how to do some cute hair clips! (if you are up for it) :)

Farah said...

Thats lovliest, really I mean it specially the first one green and pink, the prettiest

Check me there love you

Diana said...

Those look time you come this way bring some goodies :)

Julie said...

I am so glad you linked these, I saw them this morning and just adore them! Hopefully when I figure out my tile issue since I will certianly have a good way to do it down I will make a tut and we can finally do our swap. ;o)

Unknown said...

That is great that you are teaching your daughters how to be productive and support themselves. I am excited when my kids get old enough to have experiences like these! Cute bows!

nap time journal said...

Misty! Go check my will be so glad you did :)

LOVE the bows!!! SOOOO cute. I need to learn how to do the rolled ones. (any tips?)

have a great day!

nap time journal said...
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Lynette @ My Craft Discovery said...

very cute! love them!

Simple Stitches AZ ~ Rachelle S. said...

These are so cute & different than most of the ones I've seen. Your girls are proving to be just as talented as you are.
I found your link on It's So Stinkin' Cute Thursday.

Rachelle S.