Thursday, July 21, 2011

Pinwheel Cards

I found some cute stamps at Michael's for a great deal (.49 cents a piece!), so I grabbed two of them and made some pinwheel cards to try them out on.

This is the first one I made...

After the first card was done, I decided the pinwheels needed some ink around the edges. 

Here's the two, side by side.  I think I like the look of the inked pinwheels better.

Don't you love the pinwheels?  I ended up making a bunch of these in both 'girl' and 'boy' colors, but left the stamped sentiments off.  That way they'll be ready to go for any occasion...all I'll have to do is hurry and stamp something on the front! 

I haven't taken pictures of the 'boy' version yet.  I'll try to get that done and post them so you can see the difference!

FYI:  HERE is a great tutorial for making pinwheels.  Changes I made:
**used 1.5" x 1.5" squares of double sided paper
**punched out flowers to use in the center of pinwheels
**used brads to hold them together 



Dominguezfam said...

Those are super cute!

Michelle J. said...

Those look great--thanks for sharing the link for the pinwheels!