Thursday, August 22, 2013

Upcycled Soda Box Pencil Cases

I've got a daughter who is a pencil/crayon/marker/pen hoarder.

Seriously. (can't imagine where she gets that from :)

I thought that if I made her a fun case for her pencils, maybe she'll use them.  We shall see.

These cute pencil cases were made using a 12-pack Fanta soda box.  
Turned out adorable!  

And this one was from a 20-can Diet Coke box.

Each of my kids have requested one now, 
so I guess we'd better find some more soda boxes!

These would also make cute back to school teacher gifts!

You can make your own by using THIS TEMPLATE.

If you don't want to use soda boxes, 
you could also upcycle some cereal boxes, like THESE.

**a little tip** the pencils that I bought were too long for my cases.  
This could be solved simply by lengthening the box as you assemble it, 
or just sharpen your pencils before putting in your case.


IrisM said...

Wow! That's awesome! Love it!
Honestly that's an amazing idea!
I'm going to host a craft party in a few days, I would love it if you could participate!!! :)

Anonymous said...

I cannot access the template

Katrina Brown Photographer said...

Adorable! Thank you for sharing =)

Emily said...

You can even cover it with duck tape or washi tape for an even cuter pencil case.

One Girl... and A WHOLE Lot of Hexies said...

i love this!i don't drink soda but i took the template and then inserted an image of a hershey's chocolate bar wrapper on it, then stuck it to cardstock and that way! my daughters thought it was amazing so i made 5 that day with all different candy wrappers