Thursday, June 25, 2009

Birthday Cake #3...

My oldest daughter turned 10 yesterday...I can't believe I have a 10 year old!! When we were trying to decide what to do for her cake, she saw this idea and loved it.
This cake was so much fun to make! We used a chocolate fudge cake mix for the cake and regular buttercream frosting. So good!

She got to invite 4 friends over for a "late night". We made some gourmet popcorn for them to eat while they watched a movie. The most popular flavor was was gone before I could take a picture!! The four flavors we tried were semi-sweet chocolate, white chocolate, milk chocolate, and butterscotch.
The popcorn was a sinch to make. All you do is make popcorn (can be microwavable or from a popper), melt chocolate chips, and mix together. Yummy!!

After her friends went home, my daughter told me that this was the best birthday party she's ever had! That made it all worth it to me!!


Sims Family said...

That is just so cute! Thanks for sharing. said...

I love it!!

Deanna said...

Cool cake! White choc popcorn is my fav! :) Sounds like a fun way to spend a birthday.


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