Monday, December 21, 2009

Felt & Yarn Flowers...

Okay, so I lied. I thought I was done with all my Christmas projects until I came across THIS tutorial for felt & yarn flowers. I couldn't resist making some!!
I just used what felt and yarn I had on hand, but I can't wait to get other colors to try!! These are the ones I've made so far. The orange one with the button center is the size that the tutorial calls for. And they're really supposed to be pins. But I put my own spin on them and made them smaller for hair bows. LOVE THEM!!
Instead of using yarn on this one, I just cut a piece of felt into strips and rolled it all together. I plan on making more of them like this, only using different colors.
I put one in my hair lastnight to see how it looked, and my husband said it looked like a "Grandma bow". What?! Luckily they look cute on my girls! I guess I won't be wearing them around though:(.

On another note, it looks like I hit 100 followers over the weekend!! Woo Hoo! Thank you all for checking out my blog and leaving such nice comments! Your comments make my day!! To celebrate, there will be a fun giveaway coming up......after the holidays! So be sure to check back!!

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Anonymous said...

yeah its really very beautiful thanks for sharing this with us.

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fawnda said...

How cute are these! Holy cow! I love it... do you think that I am too old to pull off this look!?!?

Thanks for linking! : )