Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sew Cute Tuesday canceled this week

Misty's sister here...
Misty wanted me to get on and let you all know that Sew Cute Tuesday will be canceled this week. Her internet is down and has been since Saturday. She's bummed about it and it's killing her not to be able to get on the internet (can't say that I blame her!). She's hoping it will be back up soon, so please check in next week. Thank you to all her faithful followers!




Q @ JAQS said...

Yikes - hate it when the internet goes down at our place too - good luck with the fix!

Sarah @ Sarahndipities said...

hope you get things fixed soon! Have fun on your little impromptu hiatus!

Erica said...

I wanted you to know that I just awarded you with 'The Versatile Blogger Award' over at my blog (http://vicrace.blogspot.com/). Thanks for being one of the blogs that I love to read! Congrats!


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