Wednesday, November 14, 2012

{Snowman Popcorn}

**This year's '12 Days of Christmas' features the items that my daughters and I made for our very first craft fair**

Day 2: {Snowman Popcorn}

These cute little treats quickly SOLD OUT!  People kept coming to our booth asking for them after they were gone.  I {wish} that I would have made more!

The free snowman printable can be found HERE.  You can hand color them, or take the easy way out like I did and color them on your computer before you print them!

For the hat, I just cut a piece of felt, folded a little bit up for the brim of the hat, and hot glued it into place.  Then I cut slits in the felt, and tied a ribbon around it. 

These would make perfect neighbor/friend/teacher gifts!



Julie said...

A... This is ADORABLE!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!! B... I am a bad bloggy friend.. I had it on my calendar and forgot to hop on and wish you a HAPPY HAPPY Birthday last Thursday! At least I don't remember doing it. That is how busy I have been... Miss blogging, view your page often and wish I had the time to make all the cute fun stuff you do. Hugs and hope you had a great one!

Suzette Crouse said...

I tried to open the template for the Snowman Popcorn but it couldn't find a program to open it with. What program do I choose because it won't open for me. :( Hope you can help thanks in advance!

Suzette Crouse said...

I tried to open the Snowman Popcorn printable but my computer does not recognize the program you used. Is there another program you can download them on so I can print them? Please help as I wanted to make these as some Christmas gifts this year! Thanks in advance!

Misty @Creative Itch said...

Suzette...I'm not sure what program my computer used to open the file. I just downloaded it and it opened right up with no problems. I would try contacting Whimsy Doodles directly to see if maybe they could help. There's a 'contact us' link on their page of freebie downloads (the one I've linked to in this post). Sorry I couldn't be more help!