Thursday, September 17, 2015

Reclaimed Wood 2x4 Pumpkins

This is the project that started it all for my sister-in-law and I.
2x4 pumpkins.

We were looking for porch decoration ideas, 
saw these, and knew we could make them.

We were right :)

This is the set I made for myself.

Then I made a few more sets like this.
The picture doesn't do the wood justice.
It's SO pretty!

We rescued the wood from our father-in-law's scrap wood pile.
It had been sitting in the sun for years, and he was going to just burn it.

I wanted to wood to show through on these ones, 
so opted to just paint the polka dots, stripes, and chevrons with the orange paint.
After the paint dried, I put just a little bit of stain on them.

LOVE how they turned out!

What projects have you made with 2x4's?
Got any suggestions for us to try?

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